Center Stage Theater

Located downtown across from the Lewis Library and Technology Center, this jewel of the Fountain Arts District offers arts enrichment to residents and the greater Inland Empire community. Center Stage Theater offers residents professional performing arts opportunities including dinner, cabaret and murder mysteries. Center Stage Theatre, a magnificently restored structure originally designed by renowned architect CH Boller, opened in 1937 before Fontana was founded. Originally designed as a single-screen cinema, the building has been modified several times over the years. The theater served as a Liquor House, tea shop and department store. In 2004, the City of Fontana bought the facility and began to renovate the building. The theater was expanded, renovated with an elegant update designed to preserve historic attributes, and reopened in 2008 as a performance venue. Today, the mayor and city council are proud to offer this extraordinary space to residents for entertainment and artistic events. With warm pastel colors that honor the art deco style of the original building but add the elegance of the adjacent Lewis Library, Center Stage Theater is both inviting and rewarding for citizens. Center Stage Theater remains faithful to the history of Fontana and expands the new image of the community in the Inland Empire. Fontana showed that architecture can create civic pride and interest in art as younger and older generations grow up.

Center Stage Theater is one of Fontana’s most famous buildings, dating back to 1937 when it was built. The building is designed in Deco style and was a cinema before it was demolished. Center Stage Theater was lovingly restored between 2004 and 2008 when it reopened. It is now known not only as a movie theater but also as a live dinner theater. The theater now also hosts Tibbies Cabaret shows, and guests can choose from a variety of delicious menus including appetizers, entrées and desserts to enjoy while listening to songs and dance numbers, making it one of Fontana’s most unique experiences. . Center Stage Theater is an iconic theater and wedding venue in Fontana, California. This amazing space has been recently renovated and offers the latest audio, video, lighting and presentation technology available. Impress your guests in this unique and artistic space. In addition, Center Stage Theater offers customizable menu options and a very dedicated staff. Don’t forget to check out this place in Fontana too.

Since opening in 2008, Center Stage Theater has produced many Broadway musicals and other productions. The theater also organizes social and organizational events for weddings and other big days of life. You can host up to 172 guests at this venue. The Center Stage theater was originally designed by the famous architect CH Boller in 1937. The City of Fontana, which purchased this historic building, surveyed citizens and found Fontana interested in live theater. The city wanted the building to support a full dinner theater as well as smaller conferences or events. The current theater structure did not have enough space for all the necessary program elements, so it was decided to connect the adjacent shop building to the theater to accommodate all the necessary support functions. Finally, much care was planned for night lighting and surface rendering to create a dramatic and festive night image of the building. This clearly helped make the Fontana Center Stage Theater an important and respected landmark in their downtown area. If you are ever in need of home renovation, click here.

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