Martin Tudor Hills Regional Park

Want to find the best trails in Martin Tudor-Jurupa Hills Regional Park for an adventure hike or family trip? All Trails has great hiking trails and more. Enjoy hand-curated trail maps and reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. Ready for your next walk or bike ride? Explore one of Martin Tudor-Jurupa Hills Regional Park’s easy hiking trails that are great for the whole family. Looking for a more strenuous hike? Whatever you have planned for the day, you’ll find the perfect route for your next trip to Martin Tudor-Jurupa Hills Regional Park. The park has ball fields, barbecue areas, bocce/horseshoes, picnic areas, picnic tables, a playground, restrooms, trails, and volleyball. Explore the best running trails in Martin Tudor-Jurupa Hills Regional Park with hand-drawn trail maps and driving directions, as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, hikers, and nature lovers like you. Family-friendly park with ball fields, picnic tables and trails, as well as horseshoe and bocce courts.

Martin Tudor Hills Regional Park is a must-visit if you want to take part in many activities in one place. If you want to relax and admire the flora and fauna of the area, there are grassy hills and fields and delightful picnic areas. If you want to be active, there are volleyball courts where you can play and playgrounds to keep younger visitors busy. If you’re really looking for a challenge, there’s also a downhill trail that you can hike for nearly an hour. The trails allow you to fully exercise while enjoying the greenery of this part of Fontana. Don’t forget to check out this place in Fontana too.

Park Features Ball Courts BBQ Areas Bocce Ball/Horseshoes Picnic Shelters Picnic Tables Playgrounds Restrooms Trails Volleyball Rentals Information Service Fee Picnic Park Shelter Residents: $52 per day Non-Residents: $105 per day. Fees may change. A proposed 325-acre regional park located south of Interstate 10 in Fontana. Vehicle camps, botanical gardens, natural areas, Amphitheater, parking space for 85 vehicles and 220 hectares were left as open space. Selected works of art can be found on many rocks in the Martin Tudor Hills. Use the roads to move in several directions here, following the yellow-painted arrows will help you well. Some rocky sections to navigate. If you are ever in need of home renovation, click here.

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