Miller Fitness Center and Park

The Miller Fitness Center offers Wake Forest Baptist Health patients an affordable and convenient approach to a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. The Miller Fitness Center offers a variety of group exercise classes, cardio and strength equipment, and is staffed by certified fitness professionals to help customize an exercise program to meet your needs. Miller Sports Center has
racquet courts. The courts have been renovated for a year and are as big as a high-class fitness club.

Miller Fitness Center offers all-in-one fitness options in the city. Whether you want to start an exercise program, strengthen and build muscle with weight machines, or even compete on the racket. A monthly pass to the Miller Fitness Center not only gives you unlimited use of the gym and equipment, lockers and showers; it also offers access to the racquetball court six days a week. Miller Sports Center has 4 racquet courts. The courts have been renovated for a year and are as big as a high-class fitness club. Besides Miller, the price is right and the necessary equipment is available. For a workout in Fontana near Rialto, go to Miller Fitness Center and Park. Conveniently located in the city center, the center has a wide range of equipment and even racquetball courts if you want to get into the game. Don’t forget to check out this place in Rialto too.

The Fountain area even hosts walks that you can complete each week, focusing on staying fit and enjoying the local scenery. Your goals are unique to you, and so is your path to success. Miller Fitness offers a number of services to help you get where you want to go on your fitness journey because they understand that a healthy lifestyle is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Customize your trip with our different packages, membership options and personal trainers. Their passion is to guide you to the body of your dreams, whether it’s losing body fat, building muscle, or both. Never doubt yourself because no matter your body type, your goal is within reach! You get the results, we provide the tools! We are proud to offer a training space suitable for everyone. New or experienced, fit or not, you will feel comfortable here and it will work for you. If you are ever in need of home renovation, click here.

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