Skydive Perris

Over the last 40years in the sport, the Skydive Perris family has developed our mission and core values ​​that we live by every day. With a primary focus on safety, we have nurtured and shaped what we know and love as the “Skydive Perris Family” and we are very excited to welcome you into our family and culture and know you will share the love we feel at Skydive Perris . for our sport, our culture and each other. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Bombshelter Restaurant and Bar. After a full day of skydiving, there’s nothing better than kicking back, watching jump videos and relaxing with new friends and family at the Bombshelter Restaurant and Bar. In addition to our extensive menu, enjoy Bombshelter’s fully-fledged bar*.

California’s only on-site wind tunnel allows people ages 3 to 103 to experience the ultimate experience of human flight without jumping out of a plane. Our tandem guests can complete their tandem skydiving experience with The Adrenal-IN Experience with two flights in our indoor paracell video simulator before the jump, where you float in a column of air, allowing you to experience the sensation of free fall without being attached. teacher! AFF students can practice free fall maneuvers in an indoor wind tunnel before jumping. No other skydiving school in California or on the West Coast can offer this training locally! Each minute in the indoor wind tunnel is equivalent to one AFF parachute jump from 12,500 feet. They operate the safest and most reliable aircraft in the industry. All our parachute aircraft are twin turbines for increased safety and reliability. In addition, our aircraft have been specially modified and upgraded to the highest standards specifically for skydiving and are carefully maintained by our 24/7 on-site aircraft maintenance team. Their aircraft are the first choice of Hollywood producers and directors and have been used in many major film, television and commercial productions. They have the largest fleet in the country and currently have 5 Skyvans, 3 Twin Otters and a Douglas DC9. The outdoor pool has sun loungers, tables and chairs for our customers. Pool usage is free for our skydiving clients. Don’t forget to check out this place in Moreno Valley too.

In the heart of Perris Valley is Skydive Perris, one of the best skydiving areas in the world. This drop zone has been featured in many skydiving magazines and has been home to many world records. Professional skydivers and hobbyists work in the drop zone to make sure you are in good hands. You can complete the refresher course even if you have been away from sports. First time users are always welcome; visit the place and experience the thrill of sky diving. If you are ever in need of home renovation, click here.

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